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  • Together, we can go further.

    NASA iTech searches for and identifies advancements in technologies, NOT already funded by NASA, that are solving problems on Earth and have the potential to address existing challenges to enable NASA missions.

    Join an elite group of inventors and entrepreneurs who have participated in this program. We're now looking for innovations ranging from AI, VR, robotics, medical breakthroughs, flexible materials, and any technology you feel NASA must know about.

    Investors are a key part of the NASA iTech program. From being involved in evaluations and events, to getting some of the best deal-flow you'd ever imagine, if you are an investor we invite you to connect with us to learn how to get involved.

    From aerospace to biotech, electronics manufacturers and more, we invite industry leaders to work with us. You will meet the most promising innovators out there.​ Our industry participants have sourced new partnerships and investments via NASA iTech.

  • Collaboration is our strength.

    NASA leads the way in scientific discovery of Earth, other worlds and the cosmos. Advancing new technologies in aeronautics and space systems, NASA's missions expand the frontiers of human experience and allow American industry to cultivate a growing space marketplace.


    Through NASA iTech, we reach beyond traditional partnerships into early, independent innovation. NASA iTech helps us identify the innovations we will need in the future (and the people behind them). We connect innovators with investors who can help propel them forward, and industry leaders who can partner or invest in the technologies.


    Innovators from around the world apply to participate in one of two Cycles each year. Each Cycle has specific focus areas such as AI, medical innovations and more.


    Ten are selected to participate in a four-day NASA iTech Forum. At the Forums, innovators learn, practice, pitch, and spend time with NASA Chief Technologists, investors and industry leaders.


    At the completion of the NASA iTech Forum, three companies are selected as winners. These companies receive ongoing feedback, guidance and introductions to help propel them forward in their journey.

  • Upcoming Events

    Each year, NASA iTech hosts regional Ignite the Night events in select communities, and two NASA iTech Forums which are the culmination of each Cycle.

    Ignite the Night ORLANDO

    Orlando, Florida


    2019 Cycle II Forum

    Las Cruces, New Mexico

    10/7/19 - 10/8/19

    Join us as the Top 10 Finalists present their technologies!


  • Meet iTech Alumni

    NASA iTech provides a platform for NASA’s Center Chief Technologists to vet the start-up companies’ technologies for their space application, and volunteer investors and external Subject Matter Experts to vet the technologies for their commercial market viability. The first 50 finalist companies that have participated in the NASA iTech Forums have been able to raise 410+ million in private investment dollars in 2.5 years. Two examples of companies that are “spinning in” their technology in support of NASA missions are Aequor Inc., and FGC Plasma Solutions.


    Meet our three recent winners below, and more of our alumni.

    Scott Edgar, Aris MD

    Wilmington, DE


    Bringing data from your medical scan – be it MRI, CT, Ultrasound, or any other standard medical scan – to life in 3D. This innovation enables easier diagnosis, augmented surgery planning and practice, better patient communication, enhanced remote collaboration and improved surgery/construction. The ability to segment, examine and manipulate images of individual organs or other separate parts of images is groundbreaking technology that transforms the way medical imaging is viewed, interpreted and utilized.

    Harold Hess, Enduralock LLC

    Lenexa, KS


    Patented fastening solutions that are highly vibration resistant, yet reversible and reusable. Enduralock fasteners reduce time and cost of maintenance and labor due to their reversibility and reusability. Fasteners are entirely metal, making them ideal for high vibration, high heat applications.

    Negar Feher, Momentus Inc.

    Santa Clara, CA


    In-space transportation services for satellites between various orbits out to deep space. Water-powered, in-space rockets provide last mile logistics, taking satellites from the orbits they were launched into to the orbits in which they will operate.


    At the core of our innovation strategy are microwave electrothermal thrusters (METs) using water as the propellant. Water-based METs are fast, efficient, affordable, safe and are now available to power orbit transfer vehicles.

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