• Innovators Found. Meet our Alumni.

    Since its inception, 50 companies have participated in NASA iTech and gone on to leverage $368 Million in private investments in just 24 months. We're making things happen that propel real businesses, can help future NASA missions, and save tax payers real dollars because we're not reinventing the wheel. Meet our amazing alumni who are truly changing the world, across many different verticals.

    Aequor, Inc.

    San Diego, CA

    Cynthia Burzell, Dr. and Chief Scientific Officer

    Aequor, Inc., is leveraging non-toxic molecules added to the water system to prevent and remove existing biofilm that develops on the water filtration system on the International Space Station, reducing contamination in life support systems and improving crew health. NASA scientists at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center have been working with Aequor to test their molecules and the results have been successful.

    Aesop Technologies

    Hampton, VA

    Nisha Witt, CEO

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    Aesop Technologies is creating a compelling and uniquely scalable solar-powered product, reducing not only energy consumption but the need for excessive space per square foot.

    Airbus DS Space Systems MAPT Team​

    Webster, TX

    Hans Zachraum, Senior Project Manager

    Airbus DS Space Systems MAPT Team​'s new radiation monitoring technology combines the advantages of currently available dosimeter and spectrometer technologies into one compact device.

    Dan Nevius Analytical Space

    Analytical Space, Inc.

    Cambridge, MA

    Dan Nevius, Co-founder & COO

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    Analytical Space, Inc., offers an exciting new data relay network solution to dramatically expand the utilization of Earth-observation technology and provide satellites with more opportunities to downlink data.

    Artimus Robotics

    Denver, CO

    Timothy Morrissey, Co-founder

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    Artimus Robotics is building soft robotic actuators for Earth and space applications. Robots and machines utilizing unique materials for electromechanical actuators will improve productivity and enhance quality of life.

    AsterTech, LLC

    Dayton, OH

    Santanu Bag, Owner

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    AsterTech, LLC proposes a highly-efficient, low-cost, and light-weight photovoltaic (PV) technology that is based on the 3D additive manufacturing of hybrid perovskite materials.

    Ateios, Inc.

    La Jolla, CA

    Carlos Munoz, COO

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    Ateios, Inc., has developed a platform technology based on a nano-composite ink to develop the first printable, stretchable battery that can be printed at a low cost enabling ubiquitous and conformal electronics.

    Atomos Nuclear and Space

    Denver, CO

    Vanessa Clark, Co-founder & CEO

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    Atomos Nuclear and Space is developing a fission power system for high-power space applications, pioneering the commercialization of nuclear technologies for space exploration and development through a robust business model.


    Mountain View, CA

    Samuel Avery, Co-founder

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    Audacy is creating a seamless and on-demand satellite communications architecture, dramatically improving satellite communications infrastructure by deploying a highly multi-user commercial space relay network to efficiently allocate spectrum.


    San Francisco, CA

    Hants Williams, Co-founder

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    BioVirtua sequences human movement, both in-person and remotely, without using wearable sensors in order to unlock quantifiable insights for rehabilitation, human performance and telehealth encounters. Human movement can be non-invasively collected and assessed on earth, or elsewhere.

    Bitome, Inc.

    Boston, MA

    Herbert Ryan, Co-founder & CEO

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    Bitome, Inc., makes a non-invasive monitor for body hydration based on clinical MRI, in order to improve patient outcomes and reduce healthcare expenditures.

    Children's National Health System / Omniboros​ (now ACTIV Surgical)

    Washington, DC

    Dr. Peter Kim, Founder

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    Omniboros​ (now ACTIV Surgical) is creating an advanced platform for surgeon-supervised intelligent autonomous robotic surgery, which reduces human error and eliminates complications during minimally invasive procedures.

    Context AI

    Santa Clara, CA

    Jeff Stevens, Co-founder

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    Context AI is creating diagnostic digital biomarkers for assisted medical decision making, including a wearable biosensor array that turns the body’s vibrations, sounds and bioelectric impulses into actionable intelligence to identify heart problems at very early stages.

    Cornell University

    Ithaca, NY

    Edwin Kan, Professor at Cornell University

    Cornell University is building a broadband harmonic MIMO radar with opportunistic channel fading, angle-of-arrival (AoA) estimation and naïve beamforming [6, 7] on a free-moving vest to perform RF body imaging with below millimeter and 0.1s resolution.

    Danish Aerospace Company - North America

    Houston, TX

    David Zuniga, General Manager

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    Danish Aerospace Company - North America has created water purification technology that removes biological and chemical activity using a passive membrane.

    Devali, Inc.

    Houston, TX

    Irene Brinker, Co-founder & CEO

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    Devali, Inc., has created Oumen+: Advanced Biometric analysis socks with user interfaces to track, monitor and study various body measurements.

    Environment & Energy Benefit Co.

    West Sacramento, CA

    James Smoot, Founder

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    Environment & Energy Benefit Co., is a developing a novel class of fuels generally described as alkyl alkoxyalkanoates.


    Houston, TX

    Haleh Ardebili, Founder, Associate Professor at University of Houston

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    Exostretch has invented completely flexible and stretchable lithium ion batteries based on solid polymer electrolytes, creating a world of possibility for the usage of batteries.

    FGC Plasma Solutions

    Boston, MA

    Felipe Gomez del Campo, Founder & CEO

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    FGC Plasma Solutions was the CEO’s high school science project. It was founded in 2014 to commercialize research into plasma-assisted combustion. After initial work under an Space Act Agreement with NASA, FGC Plasma was awarded a NASA SBIR Phase I award to develop a plasma-based control system to enable clean, compact and low emissions combustor on future jet engines and is conducting its testing at NASA’s Glenn Research Center. FGC’s technical progress through their Phase I contract, combined with their recognition as the top “X-factor” technology through NASA iTech’s technology search, has enabled the startup to land a collaboration with a major engine manufacture for their Phase II proposal.

    Fiplate, Inc.

    Las Vegas, NV

    Dr. Richard Yen, CEO

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    Fiplate, Inc., is developing a technology to drive tissue regeneration after radiological and acute trauma in space, a countermeasure for radiation damage in space.


    Los Angeles, CA

    Dr. Arthur Kreitenberg, MD, FACS, Cofounder & CTO

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    Germfalcon has created a germicidal UVC-emitting robot, offering a turnkey solution for infection prevention and emergency preparedness in air travel and for other industries.

    H2 Energy Now

    Boalsburg, PA

    Sonya Davidson, Founder & CEO

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    H2 Energy Now is developing technology that utilizes electromagnetism to separate the water molecule into hydrogen and oxygen gas. Hydrogen is a perfect energy storage medium and when recombined in a fuel cell, electricity and water are the outputs. Water is a perfect solution for energy storage in space using solar energy.

    Hyperloop Transportation Technologies​

    Los Angeles, CA

    Dirk Ahlborn, Co-founder & CEO

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    Hyperloop Transportation Technologies has developed an augmented window technology to mimic traditional travel experiences, while mitigating psychological issues that passengers may have with enclosed transportation systems, and layering their visual experience with information and entertainment.


    Boulder, CO

    Ivan Smalyukh, Professor

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    iFeather invented a transparent insulating film to significantly improve energy efficiency. The film can be manufactured in-situ, allowing NASA or others to bring a miniature "factory" aboard a space flight and make as much area of the aerogel as needed.

    iFirst Medical Technologies

    Honolulu, HI

    Luke Joseph, Founder & CEO

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    The iFirst in vitro diagnostics platform helps save lives by pushing critical patient information from the field to the treating facility, reducing treatment times, and facilitating precision medicine.

    InnaMed, Inc.

    Anaheim, CA

    Ronald AngSiy, Co-founder & Senior Advisor

    InnaMed, Inc.'s "Sensing Blood" testing device can run a complete blood count, is fully portable and is capable of performing diagnostic functions with six droplets of blood and 93 percent accuracy, transmitting data in approximately five minutes.

    Lazarus 3D

    Houston, TX

    Dr. Jacques Zaneveld, Founder & President

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    Currently saving lives here on Earth with their 3D printed materials for doctors, Lazarus 3D is well positioned to provide training and models for space medicine.

    Liberty Biosecurity, LLC

    Arlington, VA

    Gregory Keeley, Chief Operating Officer

    Liberty Biosecurity, LLC is developing TMSMs — molecules to safely protect against DNA damage caused by ionizing radiation in space.

    Million Concepts

    Lemont, PA

    Chase Million, Founder & CEO

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    Million Concepts is continuing development of the Arisian Lens, a hardware technology that can quickly turn many existing digital cameras into very high magnification microscopes with significantly less bulk, complexity, and expense than existing compound microscope solutions.

    Naval Postgraduate School

    Monterey, CA

    Giovanni Minelli, Faculty Research Associate

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    The Naval Postgraduate School is automating and optimizing the mission operations component for small satellite constellations that number in the hundreds or thousands.

    New Dominion Enterprises, Inc.

    San Antonio, TX

    Jay Fraser, President & CEO

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    New Dominion Enterprises, Inc., is developing inorganic electrolytes for longer lasting and safer lithium-ion batteries that resist heat-related power loss.

    New Frontier Aerospace

    Livermore, CA

    Bill Bruner, CEO

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    New Frontier Space is developing affordable, powered recovery for small launch vehicles, and more speed for drone customers. By enabling rockets to land like drones, they can reduce launch costs.

    Oceanit Laboratories, Inc.

    Honolulu, HI

    Jeffrey Watumull, Dr. and Director of Artificial Intelligence

    Oceanit Laboratories, Inc., is working to construct and codify the Noetic Mathematical Engine (NoME) to function as a virtual medical staff (Autonomous System).

    Oceanit Laboratories, Inc.

    Honolulu, HI

    Venkat Kamavaram, Dr. and Senior Materials Engineer

    Oceanit Laboratories, Inc., is developing a novel Al-Teflon-GAP nanoenergetic propellant chemical propulsion system.

    One Milo, Inc.

    Miami, FL

    Russell Leigh, Professor of Physics at CU-Boulder

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    One Milo, Inc., offers revolutionary compact devices that enable rapid diagnostic testing — using samples of blood, urine or saliva — and wirelessly sending results to a smartphone application.

    PacSci EMC

    Chandler, AZ

    Steven Nelson, VP, Retired

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    In order to overcome the disadvantages and problems of currently available systems, PacSci EMC is creating a new and novel solid state propulsion and ACS system.


    Suffolk, VA

    Frank Byrum, Co-founder

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    QuantumStack is building and operating a decentralized global computer exchange on the scale of the Bitcoin network, suitable to provide efficient petaflop or greater resources.

    Rice Technology, LLC

    Milwaukee, WI

    David Rice, President

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    Rice Technology, LLC is creating a smart, real-time, multipurpose sensor with the capability to detect phosphorus, bacteria, viruses, and total dissolved and suspended solids in real-time. It can behave as a “canary in the coal mine,” enabling rapid response to process failure in water treatment systems.

    Somatic Labs

    Denver, CO

    Shantanu Bala, Co-founder & CEO

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    Somatic Labs is creating tactile interfaces for augmented reality to enhance communication — a haptic platform that delivers information to you through rich tactile patterns to make information more accessible and intuitive.


    Colorado Springs, CO

    Tim Haynie, Founder

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    Going beyond computer vision of the light we see, Spectrabotics offers artificial intelligence analysis of multispectral imagery for material detection and environmental assessments.

    Stanford University, Department of Electrical Engineering

    Stanford, CA

    Grayson Zulauf, PhD students

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    This Stanford University team is developing technology for wireless charging of electric vehicles on Earth, and eventually, Mars.

    The Pennsylvania State University, Department of Materials Science and Engineering​

    State College, PA

    Christian Ruud, Graduate Research Assistant

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    The Pennsylvania State University is focusing on lightweight monolithic microcell concentrating photovoltaics (CPV) that can increase efficiency and reduce the cost of solar power systems in space.

    The Pennsylvania State University - SLIPS Lab Team

    State College, PA

    Pak Kin Wong, Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Surgery

    A zero-power, biochemical analysis platform for health monitoring, this Pennsylvania State University project will develop a versatile biochemical analysis platform, SLIPS-LAB, which is reusable, reconfigurable and ultra-sensitive, using zero-power consumption.

    University of Houston

    Houston, TX

    Hadi Ghasemi, Assistant Professor

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    The University of Houston is working to build biologically-inspired adaptive anti-icing surfaces. These adaptive surfaces perform normally at ambient temperatures but become an anti-icing surface when exposed to extreme cold.

    University of Michigan and Unified Solar Corporation Collaboration

    Ann Arbor, MI

    Al-Thaddeus Avestruz, Assistant Professor

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    The University of Michigan Unified Solar Corporation Collaboration is developing photovoltaic cell-level power balancing using intrinsic energy storage for high-efficiency, high-reliability solar power.


    Milwaukee, WI

    Peter Petit, Founder

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    V-Glass is developing affordable vacuum insulating glass, a flat and transparent thermos bottle for windows. It uses a flexible aluminum seal cold-welded directly to glass for an elegant, minimalist design, just ¼ inch thick.

    WBGlobalSemi, Inc.

    Silicon Valley, CA

    Bo Varga, CEO, VP Marketing

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    WBGlobalSemi, Inc., is developing a new class of high power, wide band gap silicon carbide bi‐polar junction transistors (BJTs) and power modules for use in high power industrial applications such as aerospace, main grid, micro-grid, traction and the military.

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